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BINJ Summer Appeal!

For nearly 10 years, the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism has been producing bold investigative reporting on critical issues that are generally ignored or misunderstood by the mainstream media. Among many other subjects, our recent reporting on criminal justice, housing, and the environment have challenged the status quo, shaken up the powerful, and spurred proposals for reform.

In addition to grassroots investigative journalism, BINJ leads reporting collaborations and civic engagement initiatives, trains new and less-experienced journalists, and builds coalitions of independent nonprofit newsrooms locally, regionally, and nationally. For a small nonprofit, we have a very large impact on the growing movement to revive public-interest journalism in this country.

And we want to do more! There’s so much corruption, incompetence, and discrimination that’s not being covered by mainstream Massachusetts media outlets. We have the skilled journalists, the inside sources, and the courage to pursue these important stories. But we need your help to get the job done!

For our semi-annual appeal to our readers, we need to raise $3,000 during the month of June. If you believe in the work we’re doing, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today! Thanks for helping us hold the powerful accountable – in Greater Boston and beyond.

Linda Pinkow is development consultant for the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.

Thanks for reading and please consider this ...

We see the importance of a strong media and the pitfalls of a lack thereof. If you appreciate articles like this and would like to see more please donate to help keep important news like this available for all to see.

Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism not only produces news but works with emerging journalists to help them shape their work and provide vital information to the public.

Started in 2015 BINJ has had dozens of hard hitting news articles that has impacted corporations and government behavior as well as shed light on what's happening where no one else is looking

BINJ operates on an undersized budget hitting far above it's weight class and is one of the leaders in local news and provides leadership in the local news ecosystem.

With your help BINJ can grow beyond it's small staff and strong cohort of freelancers to continue to provide more quality journalism for years to come.
Support Local

Or you can send us a check at the following address:

Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism

519 Somerville Ave #206

Somerville, MA 02143

Want to make a stock or in-kind donation to BINJ? Drop us an email at and we can make that happen!



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